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A semi-permanent solution to help you beat the morning rush

Before booking Cosmetic Tattooing or Saline Removal online it is a requirement that you familiarise yourself with all content under the 'Cosmetic Tattoo Pre Treatment Info' tab.

This is to avoid disappointment if you are unable to have the treatment due to one of the contraindications listed.

All new appointments include a consultation, but if you feel like you’d like to learn more before booking a treatment you are more than welcome to call and organise a face to face appointment at the studio. A consultation is required if you have prior tattooing in the area.

Define your brows with a pixilated fade towards the fronts. Although they will appear bold straight after your treatment, this is not the healed result. Once healed the brows appear soft, natural and powdery looking.

Powdered brows help clients achieve more of a soft yet defined powdered makeup look, instead of individual hair strokes. This process is suitable for a variety of skin types, with the design and pigment tailored to the individual.

Also referred to as micro blading, this process involves micro-pigmenting fine strokes that mimic individual hairs. The feathering motion can be suitably conservative, or more dense to create extra definition. Not suitable for all skin types.

A combination brow is a mixture of both feathering and powder techniques Hair strokes are feathered at the front of the brow, with the body, arch and tail being powdered. It offers a look that is both natural and defined. Not suitable for all skin types.

Existing clients only.

a new client with prior tattooing in the area?

The reason for the mandatory consultation with any prior tattooing is there may be underlying scar tissue or pigment congestion from other Artists work. My priority is to look after your brows long term - too much pigment build up can make it tricky to cover up or work with.

Clients with exisiting work may need additional adjustments after the complimentary touch-up. This is an additional $150.

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