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A complimentary consultation is required for all saline removal treatments.

Saline tattoo removal is considered one of the least invasive and less painful forms of removal currently available on the market today. It can be used to lighten and remove permanent makeup, and in some cases small body tattoos of four square centimetres or less.

Depending on the area undergoing treatment, appointments may take as little as 1 hour.


Using a digital machine and a natural saline solution called Li-FT, the solution is implanted over existing permanent makeup or small tattoos.

The saline solution used is a safe, high content salt and fruit seed extract solution that deems extremely effective in pigment lightening and removal. Implanting the solution into the skin breaks up the healed pigment and this process lifts the pigment out of the skin via osmosis.

As pigment rises to the surface a scab will form and will fall off as the removal area heals, thus revealing a lightened tattoo.


There are different factors that contribute to how many sessions are needed. In some cases, one session can remove a tattoo, but in most cases a few sessions are required for complete removal.

After your first session has been completed and the area healed, there will be a clearer indication how many sessions are necessary. For some clients it may be a case of lightening the tattoo to a point that it can then be colour corrected with a new pigment colour or modifier.

Or the aim may be to correct the shape by removing just part of the tattoo. All of these options can be talked over in a consultation.

Results can take several sessions, approximately 8 weeks apart and these results will vary depending on, but not limited to:

The type and colour of pigment to be lightened

Depth of pigment placement

Saturation of the pigment

The location of the tattoo

The clients skin condition and health profile

The ability to heal well

How well the strict aftercare requirements have been followed

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